rainy afternoon thoughts: life

What do we really want in life?

There are certain moments in life where we question everything that has happened and the things that we have done so far. Do things in order to prove society that we are something, we do things not because it makes us feel alive but because it is what the society approves.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it why we need to live by the rules that society has laid upon us. It’s reasonable. However, I don’t get it why we need to spend too much of our lives hunched back over our office tables and have this daily routine of exhausting dilemma doing the job we don’t really like to do.

Some say that they work their asses off in order to save an extensive amount of money in order to do the things that makes them all giddy in the future. But the question is, If that time comes will you still be able to do those things? I mean, you’ll probably be so physically and mentally exhausted that you’d opt not to do those things anymore. Why can’t we just live the moment?

I am not saying that it’s a waste of time to save, because it’s not. But I do think that the main reason why we think we can’t afford and do all these crazy shenanigans that we have is because we spend too much time and effort on the wrong things. It’s not really much to spend on yourself once or twice a month, plus there are always cheaper options.

I think that the way most live their lives today is pretty unhealthy. It goes with the, it ruins your posture, system bla bla. But what I’m trying to say is that I think, by this kind of living, you’re slowly killing yourself, or at least the joy inside of you. Somehow, you’ll lose the true meaning of living, which is to live. And eventually you’ll just lose interest in life. And you’ll start living that monochromatic boring side it.

I encourage you to be more random. Don’t be content in doing things just for the sake of it. Do things that makes you happy! That is what life is all about. Weather it’s travelling, going out, writing poetry. As long as you set your limits, you’ll do fine! Oh and yeah, it’s ok to have fun but don’t forget your priorities.

*Cheers to the first post up!

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