vulan blues #2


Alright, so here’s the second part of my vulan blues.



After a long night of dancing and socializing, I awoke with the serene sound of the waves, the sweet chirping of the birds and that early morning sun.

All my friends were still asleep then, so I decided to head on the beach and have an early morning walk and some breathing excersises.


At 10.00am we were told that there would be Yoga sessions, and since I’m such a yoga fanatic I joined. It was nice to do some proper breathing there, there were no buzzing horns, no rumbling chit chats, just pure serenity.

11406816_872958189438861_8910060650024382565_n 11059950_872955329439147_9034990541723380433_n

After which was another whole day of bathing under the sun and exchanging views about different things. It amuses me how people share different thoughts on a particular matter and how the differences connects people alike.


Alike the first night, when dark came, the party started.

That’s pretty much it. I had fun and met a new bunch of life-long friends.

for more info about this event like this and for more photos go check Vulan Festivals on facebook.

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