chassing your passion

If you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it”

– jim rhon

People may say that your dreams and aspirations in life may be a bit hard to reach. They may suck the living hopes in your soul but I will tell you not to give up; Or maybe at least try.

I have been sending out my resume out like a morning newspaper. Been sending to different companies, applying for jobs that doesn’t even appeal to me, jobs just for the sake of having a job. In my count, I have sent out more than 50 applications but only three contacted me for an interview, and just a few companies were nice enough to send out a letter of regret to end my hoping.

It has been an endless waiting game and at this moment I am in a state of thinking of succumbing and giving into other jobs. I am not being choosy or what-so, it’s just that these jobs are no where close to the field of my previous study nor my passion and I assure that if I ever end up giving in to one, I will hate myself more than I will hate it for not trying hard enough and pursue my what I love most.

A couple of days ago I sent my resume to this amazing establishment located in the city of my dreams, London. When I sent it I was with little hope to even get a response, I was simply trying. You know, maybe, just maybe I was one of those they were looking for. And to my astonishment, a day after I received a letter for interview. Oh if you could have only seen the joy in me, I felt like a child in Disneyland.

I  may or may not get this job, but I do hope for the best. Spirits high and now, another waiting game is on. But I can tell that if odds don’t go well, this will be one of those that will hurt most, because it’s one of those I aspire most. To be a chef training under one of the best.

PS. The executive chef is a Michelin Chef.

As I write this my hands are trembling, I am scared of what the answer may be. But at the end of the day, weather or not I get the job, I can tell myself that I tried and for that one moment I was actually considered.

Still hoping for the best!

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