so much for chasing passion

There are moments in life where in we’re too fascinated by the things that happens to us that we tend to be blinded by our own aspirations. 

In my previous post, I have stated that I have been interviewed for a job in London. Well, a couple of hours after posting, I actually received a Letter of Invitation asking me to be part of their team for a five-year contract. I was ecstatic, I thought that here is yet another step closer to the things I aspire to achieve, to be in London, and to become a chef. To top to that, to work with one of the best chef’s there is.

After a few gushes of breathe, I came to my senses. Something felt a little bit odd. At that time, I thought it was just my adrenaline. I decided to re-read the exchange of emails, and there in front of my eyes, the small details I paid no attention or too little attention to.

Something was really fishy. First, the emails were badly written, something you don’t really expect from professionals. I set that aside, maybe he just really doesn’t know how to make a proper one. Second, I got the job without any further interviews. I had only one. Third, that is one poorly written contract. Maybe, that’s the way they do things. And last but not the least, they asked me to contact a so-called british immigration officer through email. I decided to do so. And to my shock he replied, despite it being 12.00mn in London that time. I wasn’t really expecting what I received. It was like an ad for an immigration consultancy firm.

It says that in the time of 1 day to 2 weeks I would be able to get my Visa documents as long as I pay 700GBP for the processing fee. It was really funny, the account was named under a certain Emilia Alan. Wasn’t companies as such has to have their accounts named after the company? The payments were also to be made through Western Union or Money Gram transfers. Come on!

I hated it! Who wouldn’t? I was led on! Having all my hopes high, thinking that I am another step closer, but then this happens. Don’t they know that they are crushing people’s dreams? So much for morality!

I had been so stupid for not paying closer attention to things! And just as I have thought, this is one of the most painful experiences I have undergone.

Guys! please never lose your passion! and never in the world lose trust in yourself! This is one of the craziest things that happened to me, and I hope it doesn’t happen to you. For a mere 3 hours I thought of just giving it all up. It was more painful than having to be single for 20 long years. But it will surely be one of the moments I will laugh at someday.

Moral of the story: Do not be too unharnessed.

But the funny thing is, despite this crazy dilemma, which made me want to punch anyone I see on the streets. I realized that yes there are tons of bad people out there but that doesn’t mean I have to lose my faith on humanity, maybe there’s something better just waiting for me right around the corner.


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