the suffering I am willing to undergo

The other night I was placed in the lowest point. It felt as if I was sinking, it was like combing all the emotional distress I’ve had experience all at once during the past two months. Losing my phone, being almost got scammed, and my email log filled with letters of regret. I was going mental. I am starting to lose my self-esteem, confidence and even ego.

That same night as I was still trying to crawl out of my misery, I stumbled upon an article about the most important question in life. It was written by Mr. Mark Manson, a couple of years back. And it surely is worth the read. READ IT HERE.

The article says that wanting something bad is enough is never enough, I do agree with that. You must also be willing to do the necessary measures in order to achieve what you want. Well, that was the end to my thoughts, but not with his. He says that you must also be willing to go through the suffering in the process.

Thinking about it, yes, I was willing to do all what it takes to have what I aspire, but then again I was already in the midst of giving up just because of the first turbulence. I wanted it bad enough and found ways how to be there, but did not put into consideration the route that I must take.

With his words in my mind, I regrouped my thoughts and tried to figure out if this is really the suffering I am willing to undergo, and after a few days of careful and deep thinking, I think that it is. So once again I am up in my wagon.


There are tons of articles, blogs and studies about how you can land your dream job. But none of those will get you there. Maybe it will give you a bit of a confidence boost and lift you really high only to have a sudden drop after quite some time when reality kicks in. Don’t get this wrong, I do not have anything against them, they are just doing their job and what they are good at and that is to inspire.

However, there are tons of us out-here that doesn’t quite get that. We think that if we follow those 10 steps or those 8 ways that we’ll be assured of that position we want to bag. See they did not promise assurance, they simply gave us things that may help. There’s nothing wrong with reading and getting tips from these, but we still do need to always have a firm grip on reality and/or maybe remember why we are willing to go through the suffering.


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