tattoos that will only last for two weeks

I managed to read an article about this amazing new start-up whilst I was browsing through the randomness of BuzzFeed. So thank you BuzzFeed, for all the amazing randomness!


inkbox is a project co-founded by two brothers who have always thought of getting inked for a long time but could not commit to something that would last permanently like that forever. They could not really find any alternative that would give them the same feel as a real tattoo and so they thought of this.

inkbox is an artificial, yet real-like looking tattoo that was said to last for only two weeks.


As said, the product is made out of a new-found ink from the fruit called Genipa Americana. It was by working with the locals of Panama that they discovered such and its potentials to be used. It is the same fruit that the indigenous tribes used in dyeing their skins for thousands of years. So unlike the usual, needle-to-skin tattoo, the ‘stick & peel’, and the dangerous henna tattoos, this product is sure not to harm your precious skin.

They have designed a special adhesive stencil, filled with the said ink and used the product for a couple of months or so. Having the realistic look to it, people actually started talking about their new tattoos and started asking if they were real. And once they revealed the secret behind it, people then started asking how they could get one. And so the inkbox started.


For those like me who badly wants to get inked but are too scared to get one, the ones who are simply unprepared of the permanent effect and the trendy fashionistas, here’s an amazing alternative for us.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these amazing stencils!

Purchase and Support Inkbox

You can grab your own inkbox through their website.

And I think you can still support them at KickStarter.


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