The Fcancer Project

I have been very interested in volunteering, and it has been since a couple of weeks ago that I told myself to do it for real. However, as we all probably know, volunteering takes not just time but also costs up to some extent and I being an unemployed fresh university graduate, had a lot of time but was really short on finances.

The fact did not really bring my spirit down, I searched for organizations in my country, I searched for free volunteer programs, but still there are program fees that needs to be paid, you can’t really just be another head to feed. You see these fee’s are not really pricey and will actually be used for you for your stay but for a broke person as I am, it’s quite a lot.

I was ready to put the volunteering hunt aside when I stumbled upon the Fcancer Project. Basically Fcancer is a non-profit organization on a mission to build an online community, ready to donate their time and skills to cancer-related initiatives.

The Fcancer project was created because of the founding team’s realization, from their own experiences, that there are tons of young people who do not have the financial capabilities or options to support such cause. And so they thought why not harness what people do have – the energy, the skills and the talent to create a new way of getting involved that was easy, fun and tech enabled.

The Fcancer Project encourages the volunteers to make-use of their skills into a new form of charitable currency which can be donated to cancer charities all around the world!

With this being said, I signed up immediately, Fcancer does not just help one of the advocacies that I  support but also gives opportunity for those who want to help in other ways they can.

As of the moment, I am about to start working with the YES to Life foundation in filming and collecting testimonials from cancer survivors who wants to share a word or two for those who are still fighting through the battle.

I do hope that this cause spread like wild-fire, and that a ton of us, young individuals, do things like this, things that truly matter.

have a nice day or night, do spread the word:)

P.S. The Fcancer Project is working alongside other international organizations aside from Yes to Life foundation.

You can be a volunteer or donate at:



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