inside one of the quirkiest restaurants in the world

Van Gogh is Bipolar

You may have already heard about this peculiarly amazing restaurant or probably you may have not, but one thing for sure, once you get even a glimpse of fact about it will surely wring your curiosity!

Situated at the inner court side at Maginhawa Street, Van Gogh is Bipolar is quite a refuge for people wanting to escape a bit of the city buzz with its outdoor garden and its rather quirky atmospherics.

Ok! so when I speak of atmospherics, I mean of the over-all feel of the establishment. VGIB has this a bit dark and whimsical decor inside and outside of the main house. Oh yeah, by the way, the establishment is also the owner’s home. It’s got this amazing bobs of things collected and given to the owner over the years. There are even artworks by the owner, himself and some by his friends.

VGIB is the brainchild of Mr. Jetro Rafael, he’s quite a well-known advocate of Mental Health Awareness, he even gave a speech in TED. Back to VGIB, when I had the opportunity to have a bit of a chat with him a few months back, I asked about how and why did VGIB started and here’s the answer.

According to him, starting the restaurant was a bit of an accident, a good accident. You see, he, along with tons of other people on the world has a bipolar disorder and he thought of having a more natural substitute for his medication.  He decided to research about the attributes and benefits of different mood altering food. He started by making food for himself, then preparing food for his friends and eventually, and a couple of suggestions from his friends made him make it available to public, thus this birth of Van Gogh is Bipolar.

The establishment has been featured on some of the top press organizations in the world namely, The BBC, CNN, Rappler and The Wall Street Journal.

More about Van Gogh is Bipolar:

Official Website :

Faceboook page:

Find them at:

Inner Courtyard,154 H. Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines


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