Hi, I am Sasa , 20 years of age from the beautiful islands of The Philippines!

After graduating from uni, May of 2015, I honestly don’t know what to do with my life. I am clueless of what the ‘real’ life has to offer and what other challenges I need to go through before reaching the peak of the well-dreamed happiness in life.

So, I,  being such an odd ball, have decided to do more of the things that inspires me. Whether or not these things have such uncanny connections or what not.

Maybe you’re wondering if I won’t work for a couple of years or so as I do this. To answer that, I  am not shutting down the job-hunting dilemma. I will venture in this amazing journey of life, whilst looking for a job and will still be even if i found a job already.

Come and join me as I explore everything that life has to offer!




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